Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Seeds of Change

So a couple of months ago, my friend Chris had just seen a movie and had what I could only call an epiphany. The movie was Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Much like the man in the movie, Chris’ health was at an all time low and he really couldn’t see how, when or where he would make a change. In the last couple of years he had been handling a tremendous amount of stress and it had physically manifested itself and taken his body prisoner. He was unsure how to get it back… And then he saw this movie. And then he watched it again. And then he bought a juicer. And then he quite literally committed himself to 60 days of a pure juice fast. Due to our busy schedules, I hadn’t actually really seen him in weeks, 6 to be exact. To say that I was astonished would be an understatement. It wasn’t just that he had dropped a serious amount of weight, more importantly; he had a sparkle in his eyes that I hadn’t seen before. It’s like he had his life handed back to him. He was energetic, engaging and happy. And, it has been utterly contagious. From that get together, he’s inspired not just me, but other friends of ours on juice journeys. All of us have different goals and committed days, but he has initiated change in each and every one of us. From this little seed of inspiration, four of us will be meeting the man who started this phenomenon, Joe Cross; the man from the movie. On Friday we are heading to Benicia for a screening and Q&A with our Juice Gandhi. That day will be Chris’ 59th day of juicing; a significant day just on its own, but he will get to meet the man who help him get his health, and with it, his life back again. It’s just a reminder that anyone of us can be the inspiration for change.

On Monday, I will be beginning my 10 day pure juice fast. I have been juicing for my breakfasts and the occasional lunch, but this will be a pure juice fast. I seriously cannot wait.

Of course, there are some negative aspects to a juice fast…body odor and frequent trips to the restroom. The price we pay for better bodies; I’ll take it!

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Marc said...

Wow....long time no post!! Good luck on your juice fast.

deb said...

great post michelle. i love your writing. always have