Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And the battle has ended...

Last night we had a Scrabble Potluck Rematch at my place. Since Kristin isn’t much into the game, she bowed out and took position as score keeper. That left three teams of two each; The Baldtonios (commonly known as Glen and Marites), Kevin and Anna, and Bob and I.

Now, a little backstory… The Baldtonios are some serious Scrabble players. They have the really nice board that spins, they have the dictionaries and they know every two letter word and use for the letter Q without the need for a U. When they got married, their invitations had a Scrabble theme, pulled tiles as part of the celebration and had an actual size Scrabble wedding cake complete with tiles and words. So, they don’t mess around.

I did have home court advantage, but that was about it. The last time we played, Graham and I were a team. Here’s a hint…don’t allow your Scrabble partner to get inebriated before you play. At this point, Bob and I had enjoyed a tequila cocktail…but we still had our wits about us.

And miracles of all miracles…Bob and I kicked ass. Although, the majority of the credit goes to Bob…he made some brilliant plays. I have a feeling that the battle will be revisited at a later date.

Kevin and Anna hard at spelling...

The infamous Baldtonios. Getting ready to kick ass.

Bob working on our tiles. We had some awesome tile pulls...the WHOLE night. Plus, we're brilliant.

The finished board...

The final score...check out that 239!!!!!