Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lack of inspiration equals absolutely nothing...

So as you can tell, I have not posted anything in a very long time. I go through stages where I may feel completely creative, inspired, manic, and I find myself able to post something almost everyday. Recently, that has not been the case.

I think it all started when my cousin and I threw a party for my aunt's 70th birthday at the beginning of this month. Throughout the entire day, I took pictures with the intention of posting them and running a narrative on the day's events. However, when I started to download the pictures and write the post, I hit a wall. And I have yet to recover... Maybe it's because it can be an emotional and frustrating task to write about family, any family. And then I just couldn't get myself over the wall. So I avoided my blog altogether...kind of like taxes, balancing my checkbook or weeding the backyard. All things that I am quite proficient at avoiding.

Then, people started asking me why I hadn't posted anything in awhile... I thought to myself..."you actually read this, not out of obligation?" But with anything "somewhat" creative, you just can't force it. So, I wait for inspiration, a tipsy evening (like some alcoholic poet) or a life altering event that will thrust me back into my normal posting pace... Craig and I are headed on vacation this weekend to Lake Tahoe and I am sure that inspiration or something like it will be waiting for me. I hope.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Is that for me?

I have to say that one should not tempt fate or even unintentionally tease a dog.... That being said, I neglected the very important fact that I have raised my dogs to appreciate, enjoy and even covet the finer things in life. So, in my earnest attempt to catch my dogs frolicking through the lens of my camera, I did not have my eyes on the big prize. Luckily, Nadine did. She took this "opportunity" to partake of my chardonnay... I can hardly be mad; she is after all, her mother's daughter....