Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend

It was a great weekend…a very busy one, but fun nonetheless. Friday I had a meeting on tap with Chris which required that we toast to our new business venture. We polished off a bottle of Mumm…yum. Despite our celebratory mood, we did make progress and drafted a concept that our marketing person can run with. And best of all, Chris agreed to focus on a couple of key events for the SPCA; namely the yearly Reigning Cats and Dogs black tie event. That would be a very nice coup indeed!

Of course, I indulged in my new weekend activity of coffee and people watching…my regular haunt was closed for a brief remodel so I headed to Peets. And the people did not disappoint...I enjoyed a leisurely hour before heading over to my friend's for a photo session. We had too much fun…It was especially ridiculous when we would bust out our America’s Next Top Modelisms... “Smile with your eyes! Give me fierce! Think about something sexy you’d do with your man!” Let’s just say that Tyra won’t be calling any of us any time soon. As a photo shoot creative director, I pretty much sucked! My friend and I would often look at each other and ask, “Okay, now what?” Maybe I need an apprenticeship with Nigel Barker…oh yeah, sign me up! Despite our lack of structure, we managed to get some very good shots and we had fun doing it.

So, I headed back home to reward myself with a glass of wine and the decision to kick back and enjoy a quiet evening. But…my friends had other ideas. Glen called and left a message telling me that they were at the Bockbierfest and they wanted me to join them. At first, I decided to stay home…but I hadn’t seen Glen and the bunch in a while and I always have fun with my friends, regardless of what we are doing. So, I mustered a second wind and headed to the fest. Besides, I had to be in attendance to see Kevin reunite with alcohol, something he gave up for lent. And seriously, how can you NOT have fun dancing to polka music and drinking copious amounts of beer? And the evening continued to get better as an old acquaintance handed over his remaining (24!!!) food and beer tickets to me. Thanks Patrick! Love you! Mean it!

The Infamous May Pole Dance

Kevin and his beer. Reunited and it feels sooooo good

Those crazy Germans...we were just missing the vocal stylings of David Hasselhoff.

Glen getting his chicken dance on....

Oh yeah! My ticket booty....

The next morning, a few of us Bockbier attendees got together for an Easter Brunch at the Tower CafĂ©. Thanks Anna, Sue, Nina and Robert! The food was great and the company was even better. One of the brunchers received a text from a potential someone and we all took turns deciphering the message behind the words. And what did we learn? Not a whole hell of a lot… But I did learn one thing…if you want to communicate something of importance to someone of potential importance, it’s best to do so in person; much is lost in translation and your friends will tear apart a text message like a pack of rabid wild animals. And often the analysis is less than positive and rarely accurate. Life lessons over huevos, mimosas and coffee....

Nina and Sue

Robert and Anna during the text decision, "He's just not that in to you."

Finally, I headed up to see my family for Easter dinner. We went very unconventional this year….surf (lobster and crab) and turf (ribeyes and sirloins). And to start things off…raw oysters on the half shell. My cousin Cori bravely ate her first raw oyster and has decided that she doesn’t need to do it again…ever. However, most of us couldn’t get enough and Rick considered and then attempted to rescue a couple of oysters that has made their way to the trash. Alas, he was not successful…thank god; we were WAAAAY beyond the 5-second rule.

Cori gets extra points for effort. Impressive nonetheless...

The oysters have seduced us and we have lost control....

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