Monday, April 30, 2007

Questions of the day....

Can you name three things you consider yourself to be very good at?

Can you name three things you consider yourself to be very bad at?

Here are my "skills" or lack there of.....

Good things: cooking, party planning, college (I loved being a student, lectures and studying)

Bad things: driving in reverse, making pie crusts (the art of the crust eludes me to this day....), running (unless someone is chasing me with a knife, it just doesn't happen)


buffalodickdy said...

Three good things
1. Knowledge about metals used in tooling or mechanical applications.
2. Cooking. Rachael Ray(love or hate her!) said it best. I'm a cook, not a chef!
3. Communicating.
Three bad things
1. Music. Love music, can't sing very well, and cannot play a musical instrument at all!
2. Typing. Everything you ever read done by me has been typed with two fingers.
3. Details. I paint with a broad brush, better at the vision than actually getting the work done.
I'm so happy I live in a world that is not made up of people with the same skills!

doggybloggy said...

ok lets see
Good things:
1.being a dad stuff
Bad things
1.cant sing
2.hate to clean

Mushy said...

Partying, cooking, napping!

Then there's partying, photography, hiking, and did I say napping?

pinknest said...

1. eating 2. drinking 3. organizing

1. sprinting 2. saving 3. fractions

Lulu (Dan's cat) said...


Things I'm good at: sleeping, eating, crapping. Bad things? Too many to list.

Concerning your blog title. Do you have any tomcats that I can marry?

Robin said...

Three Good Things:
1. sex
2. roller skating
3. dance

Three Bad Things:
1. parenting (it's a slow work in progress)
2. yard work
3. keeping the laundry room clean

Michelle Ann said...

Buffalo-I can honestly say that I know nothing about tooling...I will ignore your use of the Rachael Ray quote...I know someone that can type twice as fast as I can using only two fingers!

Doggy-I can't sing either and I can clean as well as the next person, but I am really good at finding ways to put it off!

Mushy-it seems like most of us are rather skilled at partying!

Pink-I am really bad at saving too! I love to live it up!

Lulu-I would think that most cats are skilled at indifference..

Robin-I LOVE your honesty. However, I think I would feel more comfortable taking a poll to determine if others think I am really good at sex.....When was the last time you used your rollerskating skill? Please don't tell me you incorporate the skating with the sex.... :)

Joe said...


1. sports 2. buying new tools 3. yardwork


1. singing 2. spackling 3. planning

Tanya Kristine said...

good things:
making lists
living in the moment

bad things:
hating work
partying too much
answering the phone

Nithya N said...

hitting on people,running(comes as a requirement for the preious one) and sleeping (boy,none can beat me at that)

bad...hitting on people at the right spot, running away in the right direction and sleeping for the right length of time.

but it suits me though.